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Insano - The World's Tallest Water Slide

Posted: Saturday, August 25, 2012
Insano - The World's Tallest Water Slide
  • Insano - The World's Tallest Water Slide
  • Insano - The World's Tallest Water Slide
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Beach Park, a veritable carnival of aquatic fun about 10 miles outside of Fortaleza, Brazil, sets the scene for the Insano. Even the Guinness Book of Records has declared the Insano's 135-foot height the tallest of water slides in the world. Imagine yourself lying supine in your bathing suit atop a 14-story building. Then, when given the cue, you just...slide off. And plummet downward at a speed of 65 mph, such that you reach the pool waiting below in a mere 4 to 5 seconds. Beach Park's Website would like you to know that by visiting the Insano, "You are about to live through one of the most extreme experiences of your life." Let's all pause for a moment to take comfort in the "live through" part of that statement.

And now for the restrictions. People who cannot partake in the mental instability of the Insano include:

  • Those with special needs, such as the physically handicapped, and all members of the Kardashian family.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Children under 4.6' tall.
  • The overweight. And keep in mind that this warning is issued by Brazilians, whose definition of "overweight" could be anyone with more than 12% body fat.

The Aqua Park

The Beach Park's Aqua Park is Latin America's title of largest, consuming acres upon acres of stimulation, thrills, and adventuresome family fun. In addition to the Insano's nook in the complex, Aqua Park boasts over a dozen other water-themed rides and activities, ranging from the uber intense to the wee-kiddie-friendly.

The Aqua Park is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for the seemingly completely random days it is closed. Be sure to check the calendar before suiting up. Admission price is a whopping $69 per adult, and an only marginally less whopping $64 per child 12 and under.

Beach Park Accommodations

Turn a day on the Insano into a week on the Insano with an overnight stay in the Beach Park's 43,000-square-foot Acqua Resort. Guests may stay in one of 123 hotel rooms, co-mingling with businesspeople and permanent residents who also work and live in the space. Transport to the water park is via the Acqualink, an artificial river that meanders through a fully integrated passage of rapids and ascents, infinity pools and vegetation indigenous to the Ceara green seas landscape.

The Beach Park Beach

The name rings true. The Beach Park complex lines a healthy stretch of beach along the Ceara Sea. In addition to soaking up sun and waves, beachgoers can dine on crab and traditional Northeastern Brazilian preparations in the surfside, open-air restaurant, take a surfing lesson at the Wave School, or learn to manhandle a kite in the Kite Surfing clinic. A post-adrenaline rush massage tent is also on-site.

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