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Atlantis, The Palm

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2012
The Atlantis - Dubai
  • The Atlantis - Dubai
  • The Atlantis - Dubai
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  • Atlantis, The Palm Underwater Suite
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Along the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf the unparalleled opulence of Dubai extends to one of its premiere resorts, Atlantis, the Palm. Modeled after the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas, the rising and sprawling near-city on the beach boasts a dramatic underwater theme that not only whisks guests away from their daily lives, but transports them to an entirely new and captivating world altogether.

In addition to its visual splendor, the 5-star resort treats visitors to impeccable facilities and services, myriad aqua adventures, and unforgettable forays into the luxe world of the United Arab Emirates' jewel of a city. In 2012 Atlantis, the Palm was voted The Most Hygienic Hotel of the World, a highly coveted award it earned from a shortlist of over 300 Prime Hotel finalists worldwide.

Aqua Adventures at Atlantis, the Palm

Atlantis the Palm's 40-acre water park, Aquaventure is the largest in the Middle East, overflowing with the thrilling likes of speed slides, water coasters, and rapids, plus lolling rivers, splashing pools, and a private beach for the young kiddos and those less inclined to achieve their maximum heart rate on vacation. Guests residing at the Atlantis have unlimited access to Aquaventure. Featured rides include the death-defying Leap of Faith, a 90-foot tall, 200-foot long slide descending from the top of the park's stair-stepped pyramid, Ziggurat, which catapults riders through a transparent tunnel and into a lagoon filled with guitar, bow mouth, white tip, black tip, and grey reef sharks. Sharks also abound in the Shark Attack experience, a journey to Ziggurat's core through dark, winding tunnels that emerge at a more leisurely pace in the shark-populated waters.

Dolphin Bay, the resort's sea mammal habitat, presents both hotel guests and day visitors with a range of dolphin interactions to choose from, based on age and swimming capabilities. The Atlantis Dolphin Encounter sticks to waist-high waters, and dazzles participants with front row seats to frolicky dolphin play, followed by nose-to-nose interaction with a finned friend or two. Those anxious to navigate deeper waters can also choose from three dolphin-themed activities that take place farther out and down the surrounding lagoon.

Not all of Atlantis, The Palm's water adventures require getting wet. The resort's interior houses the Lost Chambers Aquarium, filled with floor-to-ceiling--and across-ceiling--tanks of over 65,000 marine animals. Walk solo or on guided tours through tunnels and mazes of a lost civilization painted with sharks, eels, seahorses, and piranhas. Hands-on action is also showcased in the aquarium's touch tank and interactive Aquatheatre show.

Atlantis, The Palm Accommodations

The resort's extensive activities and sights to behold may make it difficult to leave at night. Those wishing to surround themselves with 24 hours of Atlantis stimulation can of course stay in one of its 1,539 guest rooms.

Postcard from Atlantis, The Palm

Dear John,

The last time Garfield mailed me to Abu Dhabi I decided to check out Dubai before hitching my customary ride on the cargo plane back home. Needless to say, I discovered Atlantis, The Palm and decided to stay. Garfield would seethe with envy if he saw how many pounds of fresh fish I eat every night, and the cush underwater suites I sleep in all day. I've even buddied up with a few of the resort's dolphins and play poker on Tuesdays with the hammerhead sharks.

I used to miss you, but in the midst of a near-death experience plummeting towards earth on the Atlantis' 90-foot-high water slide, I realized your neglecting to intervene the first 487 times the cat put me in a box and shipped me to the Middle East means you're a pretty shitty pet owner. Now I'm happy.

I hope you and Garfield are well, though I imagine since I am no longer around to antagonize, he is getting fatter by the day and will soon die of heart disease.

Enjoy the rest of your lives.


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