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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is not really important to me, but I have to include a privacy policy for a number of reasons. The following will help you understand how collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us on this site.

What information is being collected?

Currently, no personal information is being collected unless you choose to create an account... then I REALLY get the goods on you. Your email (GASP!!!), username, birthdate and gender are then stored in my database so I can do absolutely nothing with them most likely. I use Google Analytics to track and aggregate traffic to the site. This includes nothing that is identifiable to an individual person. If you choose to comment through our 3rd party comment system Disqus, you can post anonymously or under a user account. This is your choice. We will do nothing with this data other than display it on our site.

What are your choices in regards to stop this data collection?

Didn't you read the previous section? I just finished saying... I don't collect any data on you guys unless you create an account. You can delete that account whenever your little heart desires by clicking the "Delete Account" button on your profile.

How do I handle consumer inquiries about information on this privacy policy?

Unless it's a compliment on my writing style, or a lawsuit, I'll probably ignore them because I'm not doing anything other than running a website. Really, I just run a site... nothing else.

How do I protect your information?

If I had any information to be protected, I'd do nothing special to protect it. It would exist on my server's hard drives basically just taking up space. I have the same security measure in place as most other websites. In other words, your information is safe.

What if this privacy policy changes?

Odds are it won't, but if it does, then you probably won't know unless you're checking this page frequently.