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Nandana Estate

Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Nandana Villa
  • Nandana Villa
  • Nandana Villa
  • Nandana Villa
  • Nandana Estate
  • Nandana Estate
  • Nandana Estate
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To call Nandana a villa, or even an estate, is a laughable understatement. Behemoth of tropical respite maybe? Goliath of luxury? Nandanasaurus, Grand Bahama Island's paradise of wonder and spiritual largesse? Set within an exclusive gated enclave, the fully-staffed Nandana compound includes six separate buildings sprinkled along a secluded beach near the island's West End that accommodate up to 12 enviously fortunate souls.

Though a private, residential-esque rental, Nandana transcends typical vacation villa status with its offerings of luxury resort services, amenities, and activities. Gourmet cuisine, on-site spa services, and a menagerie of gear and toys for grownups reside within the massive property, which is centerpieced by a main house with 40-foot ceilings, living areas, an ocean-exposed dining room, and a glass-enclosed wine room. Both the main house and its five adjacent, freestanding bedroom suites are constructed exclusively of natural materials. Imported Burmes teak covers the floors, walls, and ceilings, while natural stone enables most other surfaces to take shape.

Go to Nandana Estate if You're Looking for...

A veritable tropical, private, and self-contained escape. Between the grounds' full-service spa, optionally included 3 squares a day, and adjacent 18-hole golf course, once you enter Nandana's land of opulence and exhilration, there is really no reason to leave again. Ever. Though they will probably kick you out if you stop paying their nightly rates.

Nandana Estate Highlights

  • The Infinity Pool. Not much on a property stands out more than its water installations. Nandana's beach-style Asian architecture sees the complement of a 120-foot-long infinity pool seemingly cascading onto the private strip of beach below.
  • The Dock. Nandana's deep-water canal provides immediate property access to yachts of 100 feet or more. It also shelters the house sport-fishing boat and serves as a launch for the stocked and ready-to-rumble jet skis.
  • The Canopy Suite. Need a break from the 10 other people sharing your 20,000 square feet? An even more private and romantic evening awaits, then, in Nandana's 2,000-square-foot safari-style tent/bedroom suite. It includes all of the amenities of the other suites, such as air conditioning, Internet, and a full bathroom.
  • On-Site Adventures. The property grandstands a stash of jet skis, ATVs, bicycles, an 18-hole golf course (next door), a beach volleyball court, and more for guests' exclusive use. Nandana's private airplane is also available for mini-jaunts to nearby islands, as well as aerial tours of the Caribbean. Other draws of the Grand Bahama area include deep sea casting for tuna, dorado, and wahoo aboard the villa's sport-fishing boat, as well as bone fishing with a private guide.
  • Spa Services and Fitness Center. Massages, beauty treatments, sweat-inducing machinery, and indoor/outdoor yoga all await anyone into the whole health and wellness, mind-body thing. Or you could just slip into the outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the beach with a Mojito.
  • Art and Architecture. A collection of fine Asian art from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam graces the estate's twists and turns, highlighted by a pair of majestic, 250-year-old teak doors framing the Nandana entrance that were rescued from a Javanese temple. Other awaiting antiquities include temple reliefs, hand-carved wooden sculptures, and silk notions that enhance the exotic flavor of the Bahamas' tropical paradise.

Best Time to Go to Nandana Estate

May to November is generally regarded as the best time to travel to the Bahamas because this period is the country's off-season. However, hurricane season does begin in June, and lasts until peak season begins around the holidays. Temperatures are relatively consistent--that is, consistently dreamy--year-round, and the island soaks up approximately 300 days of annual sunshine.

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