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Villa Amanzi

Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2012
Villa Amanzi
  • Villa Amanzi
  • Villa Amanzi
  • Villa Amanzi
  • Villa Amanzi
  • Villa Amanzi
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Explore the sheltered coves, dramatic cliffs, tropical forest, picturesque hills, and crystal waters engulfing Villa Amanzi, an architectural jaw-dropper perched on a secluded stretch of coastline in the Kamala area of Phuket. The six-bedroom, 8,600 square-foot escape is an indisputable example of a world-class residence, designed by leisure architectural firm Original Vision Studio as a modern vacation residence on Thailand's west coast.

Villa Amanzi resides on Kamala's exclusive Millionaires Mile. Amongst its standout features are a 15m infinity pool, a massive slab of rock defining its northern boundary, and stunning views of the azure Andaman Sea. Stylish yet relaxed, the villa welcomes families and groups of up to 12 to kick back in its three king and three twin rooms, and allow the exotic beauty, luxury, and peace of Phuket to permeate their minds, bodies, and souls.

Villa Amanzi FAQ

Why should I pay $4,000 a night on a vacation rental?
Because it comes with a live-in chef. And you make $8 million a year.

Does Villa Amanzi have WiFi?
Are you kidding me? This is what you want to know? Next question, please.

Is spending one night in Amanzi like spending one night in Bangkok?
Yes, except visitors ordered through room service are guaranteed to be the gender of their outward appearance. Ahem, Stu Price.

What kind of food should I expect to eat in Phuket?
The kind that will make you feel like you kissed a lime leaf and coconut...and then tongued the sun.

Can I jump off one of Villa Amanzi's multitudinous roofs and flat ledges into the swimming pool?
Yes, please do. Thailand is not a litigious country.

What happens if I climb out of the swimming pool on the wrong end?
At your funeral, your family will comment that "At least (s)he plummeted to (her) his death in an unparalleled tropical paradise."

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